-Episode 2628-

Voddie Baucham: Should We Regulate Our Worship?

Segment 1 (00:00) At the “G3” conference, Todd introduces Voddie Baucham and asks him “either-or” questions regarding worship. Voddie prefers the regulative principle of worship. Todd challenges this, whether or not we should use the normative principle. Voddie clarifies it’s about the elements of worship, not the technicalities. Voddie also argues he doesn’t like multiple church services, because we should be a single gathering.

Segment 2 (10:05) Voddie states that preaching itself is worshipping. He leans towards preaching because it is the basis on which worship is conducted. Todd brings up the subject of music, and asks: how much time should we put towards music? Voddie says it depends on how God has gifted the church. He brings up the importance of the Lord’s supper and emphasizes that it should be done in a church gathering. Voddie is careful not to become legalistic, but regulative.

Segment 3 (15:48) Todd asks about liturgy in the church. Voddie says it’s all up to the church, although there is some common sense. Todd tries to ask about rules, but Voddie is mostly open to these things. Todd asks about technology, in regards to giving. Voddie says yes we should use technology for our benefit, not to a detriment.

Segment 4 (24:26) Hymnals or Big screen TV for worship? Voddie says hymnals, because they encourage singing in unity in a choir-like fashion. His favorite hymn is “It is Well”.