How Satan Tries to Wreck Your Marriage

-Episode 2679-
Marriage is a picture of the Gospel, and the Devil HATES that. There are many ways that he will try to step in and wreck your marriage – Todd outlines some of these instances in today’s episode.

The Surprising Blessings of Church Unity

-Episode 2678-
Unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the many blessings God has for His children. In today’s episode, Todd, with the help of John MacArthur, helps us to understand how we can fully embrace and enjoy this wonderful blessing.

Singing Hymns from Heretics

-Episode 2677- Did you know that some of your favorite classic hymns may have been written by outright heretics? Does that mean we shouldn’t sing them? Todd gives some advice on picking songs to sing in church: worship music is a powerful tool, and some musicians try to use it for their own...

Tolerating Trashy Preachers

-Episode 2676-
What does it mean to be “nice”? Are we called to be nice ALL THE TIME? Is it “nice” to call out false teachers on their sin? Todd seeks to answer these questions in-depth in today’s episode.

Don’t Be An Apologetics Jerk

-Episode 2675-
Do you have rules for your apologetics? If so, where do you get them from? Todd outlines some rules for apologetics, as presented by Apologetics 315 Ministries, to help us defend and share our faith in an effective way.

This Is How God Wants To Be Worshipped

-Episode 2674- Throw out the Old Testament? No way! So much can be learned from the historical accounts of the Old Testament; In this episode, Todd uses some clips from Voddie Baucham to discuss the account of Uzziah and the Ark of the Covenant in Second Samuel 6, and how this story is a fantastic...

You ‘Buddha’ Not Curse

-Episode 2672-
Mailbag Friday! Have you heard of “Headspace”? “Mindfulness” knock-offs are cropping up: just another way Buddhism is invading our culture. Also, is it okay for Christians to swear? And more questions sent in by you!

Where is God When Death Threatens?

-Episode 2671- Do you remember God’s sovereignty when bad things happen in your life? Even in suffering, we can have hope because we know that God is aware of everything in our lives. God may be trying to grow you or show you something through your struggles. Where do you run for comfort in the...

Should We Apologize for Our Apologetics?

-Episode 2670- Are you discerning in your apologetics? What is your motivation for evangelizing someone? Todd goes over a very helpful list of 20 Tips for Apologists from Apologetics315, which includes some fantastic reminders so that you don’t let your apologetic studies hinder your...