– Episode 1014 –

Street Evangelism in New York City

Segment 1 (0:00) – New York Week Continues: Todd opens the show talking about how witnessing to someone you are friends with is harder than a stranger. He says it is not necessary to be friends before you share the Gospel. Todd then plays a clip of him witnessing NYC to two Navy sailors, Bryan and Adam. He establishes a relationship with them in 2 minutes.

Segment 2 (7:02) –  The conversation with Bryan and Adam continues with Todd presenting the law and the Gospel.

Segment 3 (15:29) – Todd talks to a guy who claims to be a Christian but is a bit confused on what that actually means. The guy’s friend jumps in and says he believes in Jesus (who he thinks is an angel) but doesn’t like to call himself a Christian because he thinks denominations divide. This guy is more focused on good works than the actual Gospel. Todd concludes the conversation with these two guys by exhorting them to read the Bible.