– Episode 1401 –

Sneak Peak of “Wretched Worldview – Anxiety”

Segment 1 (0:00) – Sneak Peek of Wretched Worldview: Anxiety.  Chapter 3 “The 2-2-2 Principle” Part 1.  Why is God allowing evil to happen. Natural and moral evil.  God never causes sin, He is preparing us.

Segment 2 (10:15) – Wretched Worldview: Anxiety, Chapter 4 “The 2-2-2 Principle” Part 2.  When it comes to moral evil man is responsible, if there is for example a major weather incident God is responsible. Two ways God restrains evil.

Segment 3 (21:40) – Wretched Worldview: Anxiety, Chapter 5″ The 2-2-2 Principle” Part 3.  For the unbeliever we have a message of hope. We need to look in the mirror at ourselves and see the evil we do.