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•Your questions answered by Phil Johnson •Should we remove bad rulers? •What does Phil think of Young Life? •Was Phil unfair to Bill Weise? •When can I leave a biblical church? •John MacArthur criticizes Anemic Preaching •Were backslidden college...


Too Wretched For Radio 01/21/2019

      TWFR2019-0121 •Is JD Greear steering the SBC in a Charismatic direction? Download Now (right click and save) Subscribe to Wretched Radio to receive every new episode directly to your device by selecting your...



      WR2019-0118 •The best of Wretched Radio •The word of the day is Appolinarianism •The forbidden chapter of the Bible •Steve Lawson describes martyrdom during the Reformation •A linguistic argument for God •The...



      WR2019-0117 •Talking Millennials with John Fabarez •Did generational differences widen? •What hurdles keep young people from Christ? •Religious pluralism at street level •How you can support the Road Trip to Truth...



      WR2019-0116 • Witness Wednesday at GA Tech: • This atheist is long on opinions but short on reason. • Does this computer programmer recognize design? Download Now (right click and save) Subscribe to Wretched Radio...



      WR2019-0115 •Andy Stanley doubles down •The OT and NT are more alike than most think •The Anglican church takes another big step leftward •Scientology teams up with the Nation of Islam? •Steve Lawson is clear...


Too Wretched For Radio 01/14/2019

      TWFR2019-0114 •Mailbag; Sermon Length, trips to Hell, James MacDonald, and the current status of Social Justice Download Now (right click and save) Subscribe to Wretched Radio to receive every new episode directly...



      WR2019-0114 •Freedom From Religion Foundation goes after the Ark Encounter. •Ken Ham responds brilliantly •A true yet inadvisable church sign •Democrats view the Knights of Columbus as a bigoted hate-group •Jamie...



      WR2019-0111 •Your emails •Why do people paint Democrats as the more moral party? •What do I do with my sins from before I was saved? •How do I start a conversation about the Gospel? •Does Todd disagree with Paul...



      WR2019-0110 •Todd’s love of Glide floss comes to an end •The early Church didn’t have a problem naming names •What is our attitude when discerning error? •How do I address sin in my church? •Your...