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•How a baseball scout and sovereignty helped Costi Hinn get saved •How do I get my loved ones out of the Prosperity movement? •Governor Matt Bevin is addressing the culture that creates gun violence •The Gospel is the long-term solution to gun...



      WR2018-0219 •Benny Hinn’s nephew shines light on what really happens at those meetings •Benny Hinn has never healed anyone •How material comforts distract you from sin •Is Todd wrong about Gun Control? •Does...


Too Wretched For Radio 02/19/2018

      TWFR2018-0219 •Phil plays “STOP”: Release the Eyes; Smith Wigglesworth kicks a baby; Todd White’s Kenosis heresy Download Now (right click and save) Subscribe to Wretched Radio to receive every...



      WR2018-0216 •A primer on dispensationalism •Be wary of kids movies these days •Christian strife across the globe •Norway takes a child away from his parents for home schooling •Sex in a gravity-free era •Does God...



      WR2018-0215 •Rick Thomas has help for those living with unbelievers •The Puritan work ethic and organ selling in Eastern Europe •Getting to the bad theology behind the bad practices of the NAR •How do we talk...



      WR2018-0214 •Witness Wednesday •David refuses to believe in God. •Mike the confused Catholic •The Gospel makes sense for the first time for Matt •Traw the Buddhist philosopher Download Now (right click and save)...



      WR2018-0213 •The war over the Bible within Christianity •How do I direct my child struggling with same-sex attraction? •Ben Shapiro vs Calvinists: battle of God’s chosen peoples •How to live with unbelievers...



      WR2018-0212 •Spanning the Globe for Olympic news •Commercials want your kids to put their faith in themselves •North Korea is winning the PR game with American media •Why is figure skating so effeminate...


Too Wretched For Radio 02/12/2018

      TWFR2018-0212 •Who has the low view of the Holy Spirit? Check out these tweets and decide. Download Now (right click and save) Subscribe to Wretched Radio to receive every new episode directly to your device by...



      WR2018-0209 •A correction for Todd, who is never wrong •Was Martin Luther King a brother in Christ? •Trouble brewing in the Gospel Coalition •Bethel Music is headlining festivals •Did a faith healer really empty...