Terrified 2



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Evangelism does not have to be scary

Turn on the evening news, if you dare, and you will notice the world is in sorry shape.

    • -War
    • -Divorce
    • -Violence
    • -Immorality
    • -Pornography
    • -Darkened minds


The thought of preaching the Gospel to this sin-sick world is nothing short of Terrifying. If you are like most of us, you would rather not confront the darkness.

That is what Terrified 2 is all about. You will learn how to use the weapons that Jesus has provided His church to be obedient to the great commission. If you watch and apply Terrified 2, you will be able to witness to complete strangers and even family members without needing Pepto Bismol.

Way to go. You have come this far. You turned over the cover of this DVD to read this. Now open it, watch it and you will have a new confidence to do it.

Run Time: 4 Hr 2 Min 9 Sec

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Includes PDF study guide.
Located on the Terrified 2 DVD

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