Jesus Unmasked Study Guide




Click HERE to download a sample of this study guide.

You should get the Jesus Unmasked study guide for your Sunday School (or homeschool) for the following reasons:

      • -Your class will see Jesus all throughout the Old Testament.
      • -Your class will see the harmony of the entire Bible.
      • -Your class will be persuaded that the Bible is supernatural.
      • -Your class will study Jesus. Then they will study Jesus, followed by a study of Jesus.
      • -Your class will go deeper than most Sunday School curriculum.


Not only will all of those things happen, but this curriculum is a terrific deal.

Buy ONE download (which includes the Teacher’s Guide with answers, and the student booklet), and print as many as you want.  That means you don’t have to buy a study guide for each participant.

Not only that, we have priced the Jesus Unmasked books, available HERE, (which each participant should have) to make this a VERY affordable study.

We would encourage you to title/advertise this class as: Jesus in the Old Testament.

We believe this study will be an amazing blessing to your church.

Up to to 18 weeks of lessons.