Don’t Stub Your Toe


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The Big Toe Challenge

Make 2018 the year you share the Gospel.

Buy a bunch of Toes and simply leave them on the table when you leave the restaurant.

Hand them to the drive thru attendant and then hit the gas.

You can do this!

Resolve to make 2018 the year you participate in the Great Commission.


Read for yourself before you give it out: Don't Stub Your Toe

A woman in the Midwest recently stubbed her toe so hard it caused a blood clot that released to her brain and killed her.

Admittedly, death from toe stubbing doesn’t happen every day, but it should serve as a reminder that life is fleeting and any of us could die at any moment. Why?

Why do we die?

Why do we live?

What is the point?

Why does evil exist?

What happens when we die?

Why does the world operate the way it does?

“Don’t Stub Your Toe” will answer all of these questions, and many more.  It just might be the booklet you have been looking for to give to unsaved friends, loved ones or strangers.  The Gospel is presented thoroughly, urgently, and lovingly.  

We encourage you to read the booklet here, and then order 10 or 20 copies to freely distribute to people you care about…before they stub their toes.

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