– Episode 1737 –

Perry Atkinson – What Is the FCC Up To?

Free TV is under threat.  Perry Atkinson in studio to explain what’s happening.  Life is Best has an example of something that was done to stop abortion.  How can we stop the ‘land grab’ of free tv?

Segment 1 (0:00) – What is the FCC up to?!  Perry Atkinson from the Dove TV Network is in studio to explain.  Why is it so hushed up?  What can we do to help?

Segment 2 (9:53) – Free TV is on the line.  Perry Atkinson here to explain and encourage us to do something.  A Life Is Best example of ‘doing something’ to end abortion with a visit to the National Memorial for the Unborn.

Segment 3 (18:58) – Does the threat to free tv have anything to do with the worldview held to in the White House?  63% of free tv is Christian and there’s an auction planned for March to sell off their airwaves.  Has the White House put a stop to it?  What did prayer day look like at the station?