– Episode 1024 –

Paganism and the Secret Meetings of the LDS Church

Segment 1 (0:00) – Hidden camera footage of what goes on inside the temple. The descriptions of the symbols as given within the temple.  Has nothing to do with Christianity and much to do with Paganism.

Segment 2 (7:51) – The book of Nephi and the history it gives about the Americas – how the Nephites were ‘white and delightsome’; How the Lamanites had black skin and were primitive. How the Lamanites were descendants of Israel and ancestors of Native Americans. The trouble is that there is no evidence.

Segment 3 (15:30) – What do Mormons do with the DNA evidence?  They have to confront the possibility that Joseph Smith was attempting to deceive people. We know he lied about his polygamous relationships. But there is a source that is true – Jesus Christ. If the teachings of Mormonism are lies, how can we trust the Bible? People have attacked the Bible for ages but it has remained true.  But for Mormonism, not a single shred of evidence has validated places or events mentioned in Mormon writings.