– Episode 1171 –

Name Calling is Illogical, Unhelpful, & Silly

Segment 1 (0:00) – Sister Lilandra calls Ken Ham an ape on basis of wisdom teeth; atheists fail to prove Darwinian evolution; ex: new information must be added – no evidence of this/no observable change in kind. Pamphlet presented: Free Grace Broadcaster on Doctrine of Repentance (Ryrie, Watson, Spurgeon). No evidence of an intellectually satisfied atheist. Ken Ham presents “design demands a Designer”- God had revealed Himself in the inspired-inerrant-infallible Word of God. Laws of nature, logic, & uniformity have no place in a random universe. Romans 1:20-21 man has clearly seen/is without excuse/knew God/rejected God/became foolish & darkened.

Segment 2 (11:43) – Boy Scout decision on homosexuality: Johnson Ferry Baptist Church pastor Bryant Wright discusses decision to end relationship with Boy Scouts. Jesus calls sinners to change. Boy Scouts abandonment of duty to God & moral uprightness. Pastor presentation was extraordinarily loving, wise, & sound.

Segment 3 (18:46) – Martin Bashir clip of name calling anyone who disagrees with politics of Obama a “racist” without proof/without logic. Christians are not opposed to homosexuals/rather long for their repentance. However logically conclusion of the argument that must be a “latent homosexual” would be that when something is opposed, it is because speaker is secretly longing for it. [wouldn’t that make the angry atheist a secret Christian?] Name calling is illogical, unhelpful, & silly.