– Episode 1782 –

Muslims and Christians Do Not Worship the Same God

Segment 1 (0:00) – Do David Bowie and Vanilla Ice have anything in common?  Back to Wheaton College, Professor Larycia Hawkins and Islam.  Making our way through the Professors letter to the President of Wheaton College.  Is the answer to whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God, a simultaneous “yes” and “no”?  What is the cost of answering this question wrong?

Segment 2 (9:28) – More from the ecumenical Professor at Wheaton.  Getting the theology right.  Todd makes a prediction.  Continuing to work through the Professor’s letter.

Segment 3 (17:13) – Do having three things in common end up making us the same?  More bad theology from the Wheaton Professor.  Do statements of faith need to be clear and detailed?  This is a big story and we need to be talking about this one.