Meet the Team

Permit me to completely mangle a Bible verse. (Hey, if Eugene Peterson can do it, I can. ) “Wretched is not one member, but many, (I Corinthians 12:14, sort of). It is very easy to think the host is the star of the show. That is wrong for two reasons.

1. None of us is the star of Wretched. Jesus is. The host is just the mouthpiece for a tremendous amount of dedicated work that goes into producing a daily TV and radio show.

2. Each and every person at Wretched plays a crucial role. Without the dedicated, talented, and sacrificial labor of these men and women, Todd would be wandering the streets babbling at nobody in particular.

Please meet the Wretched Crew:

Emily Friel
Marketing Kid
The Wretched daughter the song refers to. Yes, I possess the Friel height and the Friel sarcasm. No, I can’t get fired, only grounded. Continually thanking God every day that I get to serve Him and work with my family.
Brett Goodell
The Grownup

I am the adult of the bunch. My role is to insure we get all of our jobs done, so Todd has more time to style his hair.  While probably the oldest Wretch here, it is my honor to serve not only the members of this ministry, but all of our viewers and supporters.

Todd Friel
The Talent
When I think of God’s kindness in giving me a godly wife and three children I adore, I could cry. When I think about the dog He has given me, the tears dry up.
Benjamin Curlee
Film Guy
Born and raised in the suburbs of Atlanta to a Christian family, I was first introduced to Wretched by my wife. I loved that there was a solid, Christian, TV show on the air. After annoying Todd into giving me a job, I now operate camera and edit for the Wretched TV show, in addition to anything else that is thrown my way.
Samuel Roys
General Flunkie
I was born at a young age and placed faith in Christ after that. God has blessed me with a happy marriage that has yielded 2 healthy, wonderful children and 1 wonderful tornado. My wife and I are currently members of a Reformed Baptist church somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon line.
Al Yerks
The Phone Man
My wife and I are newly-transplanted New Yorkers now living below the Mason-Dixon Line. Pray for us! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve at Wretched. By God's grace, I will be working with the donor development team, as well as coordinating The Biggest Project. Soli Deo Gloria!
Zac Lovelace
Camera Operator
Watch your babies! I’m the token Presbyterian in the Wretched ranks. I shoot and edit the daily shows here at the studio. I live in Atlanta (what’s up Kirkwood) with my wonderful wife and our cat-child, Scout.
Joey Selness
I have been with Wretched before Wretched was Wretched. I am the producer of the Wretched radio broadcast and write most of the spoofs. I love playing guitar and reading Sci-Fi and Victorian literature. I live in chilly Minnesota with my wife and two sons.
Tony Verkinnes
Recording Guy
I'm the token Lutheran of the bunch. My lovely bride has hung out with me for a long time. We have 2 grown kids and 3 growing granddaughters. I just hang around to annoy Todd and record stuff.
Aden Sheets
Production Paladin

The only claim to fame I had was that I was the youngest Wretch, now I’m not. Jesus likes humbling me, even in the most trivial of things. When I’m not being humbled or working on any of the myriads of Wretched productions, I can either be found with my family and friends, or doing something embarrassingly geeky. However, they often go together.

Meet the Board Members

Gary Wetherhold
Gary Wetherhold retired in December 2017 from ABB after 32 years. His 42 years of work experience includes sales, marketing, customer support management, sales management, and account management. Gary and his wife, Donna, are both active at Grace Fellowship in Cumming, GA, where he teaches 4th-grade Sunday school. Gary and Donna reside in Atlanta and have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren.
Emeal "E.Z." Zwayne
Emeal “E.Z.” Zwayne is the President of Living Waters Publications. He attended Biola University as a Biblical Studies and Theology major. Having received his pastoral ordination in 1995, he served for almost 6 years as a full-time Associate Pastor and Vice President of his church's board. E.Z. resides in Southern California with his wife Rachel and their 5 children.
Phillip Johnson
Phil Johnson is Executive Director of Grace to You. He teaches regularly as a lay pastor at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, CA. He has been closely associated with John MacArthur since 1981 and edits most of Dr. MacArthur's major books. Phil is a trustee of the UK-based Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust, a member of FIRE, husband to Darlene, and father of 3 sons (all now adults with their own households, and all still active members of Grace Community Church).
Louis T. Getterman
“T.” graduated from Texas A&M University in 1975 with a BBA in Accounting. T. worked at Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young) and then ran The Seven-Up Bottling Company of Austin. After running his own CPA firm for approximately 7 years, he served as Chief Financial Officer for Supercuts for 14 years.
Todd Friel
Executive Director
Todd Friel studied to be a pastor, but neglected to get saved. After spending a decade in TV, radio, and business, God graciously saved Todd. He is the author of five books and two dozen Biblical resources. He is also the host of Wretched TV and Radio. Todd is the husband of one wife, father of three children, and owner of one dog.