– Episode 1036 –

Mashup of Video Clips

Segment 1 (0:00) – Discussion of country song “If I could have a beer with Jesus”; questioning different denominations if that phrase is appropriate or flat out wrong.

Segment 2 (8:12) – God created us to work but also to rest. Should respect someone’s rest or sleep. Video of someone speaking in ‘tongues’ but it’s nonsense if there is no interpreter. A lot of speaking in tongues sounds similar with no variance in sound or words, and without an interpreter it’s nonsense. Paul Washer on repentance. Powerful presentation of the gospel in a way that draws you in with the words and could be understood by many.

Segment 3 (17:55) – Difference between Mormons and Christians – there are two key differences: 1) Mormons believe God was first a man who sinned just like us and evolved to become God. 2) Their goal is to evolve to become God-like, or equal to God and deserving of the same worship.