– Episode 728 –

God Values Us so Much that in Spite of Our Wretchedness He has Offered Us Salvation

Segment 1 (1:30) – The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most scandalous message of all time.  He can even forgive our self-righteousness.  Clip from Todd’s interview with Shmuel “Shmuley” Boteach, John Fugelsang, and Harris Fazar.

Segment 2 (8:48) – Michael Jackson’s jacket from Thriller sold for $1.8 million dollars. Is that jacket really worth that much? No. That is only the value of that jacket to the purchaser. 

Segment 3 (18:46) – We have changed the Gospel into a life enhancement movement. Many people come to Jesus with false motives. They come seeking stuff instead of seeking The Savior.   Video clip from skitguys.com talking about the parachute analogy and about not seeking Jesus for stuff but seeking Jesus for salvation.  God values us so much He gave His only Son to save our souls from Hell.