-Episode 2525-

Talking To A Religious Studies Major

Segment 1 (00:00)
Todd asks Josh who is a religious studies major what is the major theme behind it all. Todd shows how religions are similar but not the same. Josh says the barebones are the same. Todd asks what are the barebones of Christianity? Josh says it’s basically be a good person, but you have politicians who claim to be Christian doing things contrary to this. He was raised Catholic. He says Christians political involvement gives him a sour taste of Christians in general.

Segment 2 (07:15)
Todd compares all religions to Christianity, through works salvation or grace salvation. Josh mentions epistle James faith without works is dead. Todd brings up James 1 talks about grace, and works follow grace. Todd shows Christianity is uniquely different. Josh says “we are coming at it from 2 different angles, since I am apathetic to the existence of God.” Josh also says he values religion as how it impacts people and how they behave in regards to other religions. Todd says you can be tolerant of other religions as a Christian, but not agree with them.

Segment 3 (15:48)
Todd points at Josh’s shirt and asks where it came from. Josh agrees it was made in China or somewhere. Todd says the Universe is infinitely more complex than this shirt, so therefore, God exists. Does this persuade you? “No” – Josh. Josh quotes Dawkins as why. Evolution and the Big Bang. Todd says Dawkins relies on historical science, not empirical science. This is a matter of faith. Josh says the burden of proof is on the believer to prove there is God. Todd says he understands, but the universe is created. Josh asks who created God? Todd says there has to be an infinite for finite to exist, so who is the infinite? Josh then asks why is there evil in the world? When you think about it, I’d rather believe the world is random.

Wretched Surprise! (24:46)
Todd presents the gospel, and explains the problem of evil. Evil is necessary for God to display his relational attributes. Todd asks Josh to consider Christianity versus other religions. Josh says he isn’t comfortable with the reason for suffering.