– Episode 1798 –

Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Cage Stage

Todd Friel talks about the influence of Ray Comfort on him regarding conservative theology, causing him to enter a season in his Christian walk called “Cage Stage”.  Todd then works through fourteen points from an article “Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Cage Stage” by Stephen Altrogge.

Segment 1 (0:00) – Todd discusses how Ray Comfort influenced his Christian thinking, beginning with how in 2001, Ray Comfort debates Ron Barrier at the National Association of Atheists Convention, focusing on the law and the gospel.  Todd began to be convinced logic and reason do not convince people of God due to the Noetic effect of the Fall.  Ray Comfort’s sermons “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion” also played a big influence, helping Todd understand there are many false converts in the United States.  From that point, Todd describes entering the “Cage Stage” of his Christian walk where he should have been put in a cage to protect others and himself from the impact of being vocal about newly discovered conservative theological truth.

Segment 2 (8:28) – Todd lists points fourteen through nine from an article by Stephen Altrogge “Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Cage Stage”, including wanting to correct everyone and everything, thinking many worship songs are now heretical, wanting to marathon listen to John Piper sermons, desiring to want to convert everyone including people already converted, growing arrogance and a loss of focus on humility, and craving microbrews and cigars.

Segment 3 (16:49) – Todd works through points eight to one from an article by Stephen Altrogge “Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Cage Stage”, including being suspicious of emotion in church, cynicism towards those who do not take hard stances on issues, being very smug, thinking Tim Keller is too theologically liberal, having the ability to always go back to Romans 9, being frustrated that preachers like Piper and Sproul do not draw more lines in the sand, thinking you are a better Calvinist than John Calvin, and growing a non-hipster beard.