Episode 2501

Differences Between Millennials and Gen Z

Segment 1 (00:00) – Todd illuminates the importance of getting to know the people we are trying to preach the Gospel to. He shows clips from an Infographic to help explain the younger generations in the areas of their attention span and multi tasking. With that, Todd says even though they have short attention spans and can focus on several things at once, we shouldn’t “bow down” to their likings and reshape the Gospel message.

Segment 2 (08:56) – Todd looks at more characteristics of the younger generations of today. He highlights how Gen Z and Millennials differ on working independently vs. collaboratively. Todd shows how we can relate both those characteristics to how we grow in Christ. Todd then goes over how they are so dependent on technology. He uses a couple analogies to basically say that technology is their means of communication, and communicating the Bible through different mediums isn’t a problem as long as we don’t change the message of the Bible along with it. With Gen Z and Millennials changing how communication is done, Todd stresses that it is important we are up to date on the method of how we communicate or else they will probably not listen.

Segment 3 (18:15) – Todd reiterates the importance of communicating effectively with the younger generations, but we CANNOT change the message of the Bible in doing so. The video highlights how Gen Z is learning from the mistakes of the Millennials in seeing that a formal college education is not always a necessity. Todd expands on that and relates to how the Paul and the disciples didn’t go to seminary in order to become preachers, but they were taught straight from Jesus Himself. The video then highlights how the younger generations are more tolerant to others; Todd emphasizes that we as Christians still need to proclaim the exclusivity of Christ.

Wretched Surprise! (26:10) – Sermon Sizzler: Voddie Baucham 1 Timothy 1:8-12