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Operations Manager
Wretched needs an Operations Manager

There are a gazillion moving parts to TV and radio production.
That is why Wretched seeks a management expert who loves detail.
This person must also love details.
Finally, this person needs to love details.

The fellow or fellowette must:

  • Love the Lord. A lot.
  • Love to serve people by helping them perform their tasks more efficiently.
  • Love detail. Did I mention that already?

What will you do all day?

  • Manage tasks.
  • Manage other people’s tasks.
  • Manage our media outlets and agencies.
  • Manage resource sales, Gospel Partners, and Gospel distributions.
  • Manage just about everything that needs managing. Particularly Todd’s hair.

If you are the type of person who does NOT manage from the top down, but loves to serve people in their assignments to celebrate their successes, then you are the type of person we seek.

If you believe in the mission of Wretched and would like to dedicate your life to reaching the lost and strengthening the local church, kindly respond with a cover letter and resume. Did we mention, you must possess great communication skills and a love for details?

Wretched is located in Atlanta Georgia.

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