– Episode 1876 –

Why Big Government Will Always Fail: The Biblical Reason

Segment 1 (0:00) – Why does big government fail at some things, yet succeed at others?  Reason number one big government doesn’t work: God didn’t set it up to be big.  Government is a reflection of the levels of authority in the Godhead.  Government also functions as a restraining force in a fallen society, to keep mankind from self- destruction.  John MacArthur, in an interview clip from the Wretched series “Untethered” explains the role and purpose of government from a theological standpoint.

Segment 2 (8:27) – Reason number two big government is bound to fail: government is meant to reflect the nature of God.  Government is reflective of the nature of the Trinitarian Godhead, with the Son submitting to the Father, and the Holy Spirit submitting to Father and Son.  John MacArthur submits that we must teach our kids to respond to authority so that they will be able to survive and function in society.  In a Prager U video, Burton Folsom compares private investment markets to government controlled markets.

Segment 3 (18:00) – Why did government built railroads fail, while railroads built with private funds succeed?  Burton Folsom makes his case in the second half of the Prager U video.  Todd makes his own case that big government fails not because it is big, but because it is not working within the bounds ordained by God – and therefore is sinning.