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This is NOT the gospel

– Episode 2232 – This is NOT the gospel Segment 1 (00:00) – The real good news requires the real bad news Segment 2 (09:33) – The real gospel requires the real good news Segment 3 (16:38) – The real gospel preached by Steve Lawson Wretched Surprise! (26:33) –...


      WR2018-0222 •Jen Hatmaker and the power of a de-conversion story •The Living Biblical sitcom and the canard of “Starting a conversation” •Polls, Surveys, and confirmation bias •Are these barriers to church really legitimate? •The ties between Hillsong...


      WR2018-0221 •Witness Wednesday •David has left the church. Has he left the faith? •A radio host in training •Trish is at the Texas wine festival •An Italian catholic •Shane is drinking a lot of beer at the wine festival Download Now (right click and save)...

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