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God’s Second Book

-Episode 2666- As Christians, we should regularly be reading God’s books – the primary one, of course, being The Bible…but did you know God gave us a second book? It’s the book of nature – obviously not as specific or detailed as The Bible, but nevertheless we can...


      WR2020-0409 •Americans are slaves to the fear of death •Bible sales are up •COVID-19 isn’t God’s loudspeaker •Hulk Hogan is quoting Scripture •God is taking away our idols •The Pope speaks for Mother Nature •How do Christians look differently at...


      WR2020-0408 •Witness Wednesday •Trish finds fish at the biggest truck stop in Texas •Jim believes all religions worship the same god •Al has been confirmed into 7 different religions •Charlie the Buddhist engineer didn’t convert with his parents •Isaac...

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