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Can A Christian Be Cremated?

-Episode 2546- Can A Christian Be Cremated? Segment 1 (00:00) Todd covers a BQSA on burial vs. cremation. The Bible implies that burial gives hope for a resurrection, but it’s not a sin to cremate. Segment 2 (08:05) Todd brings us through the 7 step process to understand biblical worldview...


      WR2019-1011 •Ellen Degeneres was right •How do you treat believers with whom you disagree •Willy Wonka sermons are popular •Clarifying the nature of Harvest Bible Chapel •Is Christianity in the Bible? •Why didn’t Jesus immediately heal the blind man...


      WR2019-1010 •The role of the Devil in depression •What does the Bible say about acceptable sorrow? •Satan is going after youth •Todd is pioneering the anti-altar call •Get your $3000 shoes with water from the Jordan river •The Vatican thinks the blood of St...

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