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How to Find a Good Church

How to Find a Good Church Segment 1 (00:00) – The church’s works should match their file cabinet Segment 2 (08:42) – Church discipline is a requirement of a good church Segment 3 (18:06) – The Bible affirms itself Wretched Surprise! (24:55) – John MacArthur on the...


      WR2018-0920 •Justin Welby conflates justice and equity •Kevin DeYoung offers definitions for “Social Justice” and “Gospel Issue” •The two camps in the Social Justice debate are not lock-step •Dennis Prager dispels the lie that America is a...


      WR2018-0919 •Witness Wednesday at Georgia State •Todd Talks to a Catholic Priest about justification. •Do Catholics and Evangelicals really believe the same things? •Ravers think they are good people. •Near-sighted Baptists don’t think they are wretches. •Some...

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