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How to live with pagans

– Episode 2241 –
How to live with pagans
Segment 1 (00:00) – 1 Corinthians 5
Segment 2 (09:29) – Let’s apply it
Segment 3 (19:06) – God loves you, now you love others!
Wretched Surprise! (27:06) – Grace Gem, John Owen, The glory of Christ


      WR2019-0620 •Clarification day •Will we sweat in Heaven? Did Adam sweat before the Fall? •Todd’s gut-feeling “prophecy” could cause a lot of damage •One Pastor prays a sermon in front of pro-abortion legislators •Washington Post skews pro-life...


      WR2019-0619 •Witness Wednesday: •How long before this Christian gets to the Gospel? •Where work righteousness and grace abuse meet. •How many foreign grad students would save a human instead of a dog? •Is Todd setting this woman up to look like a fool? Download...

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