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What would you do for a King?

– Episode 2273 – What would you do for a King? Segment 1 (00:00) – The origin of “Go Serve Your King” Segment 2 (09:00) – The man from George Street Segment 3 (17:46) – What it will be like when the King returns Wretched Surprise! (26:46) – Bible...


      WR2018-0424 •Culture wars and the rape crisis in India •Western Culture is not “white culture” •When should judges show mercy? •Are parking tickets unjust when parking isn’t available? •An abused wife skips her abuser’s trial and goes to...


      WR2018-0423 •Is this parenting advice worth heeding? •Should we give kids control? •Is Todd too picky about this Gospel presentation? Distracted Father, Clumsy Son, and innocent humans •Why did God give us gifts? •Dead raising classes; modern simony •Todd got a...

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