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How Do You Measure Success?

-Episode 2586- How Do You Measure Success? Segment 1 (00:15) Todd sits down with Phil Johnson to discuss marriage and parenting. How do you measure success in life? Segment 2 (06:29) Todd and Phil discuss the lack of maturity in our current American culture, and how that is impacting marriage...


      WR2019-1206 •Todd is trying to map out the book of James •What Bible verses should I memorize for evangelism? •Is Satan bound? •Are you prepared to die? Start planning your funeral •Phil Johnson describes the ways worldliness derails Christians Download Now...


      WR2019-1205 •Ray Comfort celebrates 70 •The testimony of a false convert •How many sins must we repent of when we get saved? •Tom Hammond’s sermon on the beatitudes •Musings by Todd •Don’t accuse another Christian lightly •Are we over-correcting our...

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